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Being Wise With Your Resources

Posted on October 7, 2014 at 8:00 PM

“Being Wise With Your Resources”

When we are resourceful, God will send us more resources. Being resourceful produces increase because we become even more gifted with the ability to stretch, save and sustain our resources. When we’re resourceful, we are creative. When we’re resourceful, we create something out of nothing and more out of less, with leftovers. 

To be wise means to be intelligent, cleaver, witty, prudent and judicious. A resource is income, possessions, wealth, property, goods, supplies and stuff. These are the things God wants us to wise in using. To be wise is to be resourceful. Being resourceful is the ability to use what you have in order to reach a desire or need.


Biblical Examples Of Resourcefulness:

• Gideon in using the jars (clay pots) and trumpets (Judges 7) (Key Verse:16)

• Jesus feeding the 5000 (Matt.14:13-21) (Key Verses:17-1

• Elisha and the Widow’s Oil (II Kings 4: 1-7) (Key Verse: 2b-3)

• Samson using foxes, torches and the jawbone of a donkey (Judges 15:3-5;14-16)

• Ruth demonstrated resourcefulness in picking up the dropped corn after it had been harvested (Ruth 2)

Biblical Examples Of Those Who Were Not Wise With Their Resources:

• The Prodigal Son did not demonstrate resourcefulness, but wasted his inheritance (Luke 15:11-32)

• The Foolish Servant buried his talent and ended up losing even that (Matt. 25:14-30)

Are you wasteful? Are you resourceful? If not, here are tips on how to be wise with your resources:

• Buy smart

• Reuse

• Borrow

• Share

• Fix & Maintain


Live L-I-V-E,!

Keeler Bryson


Keeler Bryson is a Teacher, Motivational Conqueror, Author and Entrepreneur. She is the founder of Teachable Life Moments, LLC and Vision Writers Publishing, LLC.


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