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The New Season Shift

Posted on February 23, 2015 at 10:25 PM

The New Season Shift


I’m amazed that it’s almost March! Before you know it, it will be Spring! It will be a New Season. I love when the seasons change, because it’s a reminder that in each New Season, there’s going to be a Shift in the Atmosphere. With each New Season, there’s a certain amount of expectation we have when that season arrives. Once Spring arrives, in its fullness, it will look like Winter never happened. The trees will look different, the daylight hours will change, flowers will be budding and blooming just as God designed. Everything that was lying dormant during the Winter, will begin to Awaken and Shift into position to bless and be blessed!

In our personal lives, we go through Shiftings and Awakenings. Why? Because our lives have a Divine Assignment and Purpose attached to it that must be Manifested in the Earth realm for the Glory of God and His Purposes! Just like the trees, the flowers and the grass in Spring time, we must get in alignment and agreement with the Shift of God concerning our Purpose. This is not a time to linger in a season God has moved on from, because it’s familiar or comfortable to us! Most people miss out on their Divine Seasons of Blessings, Harvest and Promotion, etc., because they’re stuck in a season God is no longer Present. In fact, many are stuck doing the right thing in the wrong season. And they don’t even realize it. If you desire to live an Abundant Life, like the Bible describes it, you must make the New Season Shift!

It was just recently that I realized the full magnitude of the shift I’d gone through. As I reflected over my jaw dropping Blessings, I realized that none of it would have happened, had I not yielded to the Shift God was leading me to make. I knew I had really shifted when I saw that very little about my life right now is the same. My associations and connections are different, my career is different, my appearance and dress are different, my accomplishments and giftings are different and my income/resources are different, my mindset and Faith are different. I don’t even go to the same places I used to go! Why? Because there’s not a need or Purpose in doing so. When you’ve shifted into a New Season, everything you need is in that New Season. You operate totally within that New Season! So my challenge to you is, wake up and shift into the New Season God has planned and prepared for your business, dreams, your family and your life! It’s a New Season! It’s a New Day! It’s a Season of “New" Everything!

Live L-I-V-E!


Keeler Bryson


Keeler Bryson is a Teacher, Motivational Conqueror, Author and Entrepreneur. She is the founder of Teachable Life Moments, LLC and Vision Writers Publishing, LLC.


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