The Surmounter

Keeler Bryson is a spiritual teacher, life strategist, author and entrepreneur.  She is committed and passionate about assisting individuals with the knowledge, insight and tools that will interrupt and disrupt unhealthy, self-limiting and self-sabotaging habits, for optimal LIFE performance and fulfillment.   Her life is dedicated to providing teachings and inspiration on how to turn life’s challenging moments into teachable moments that produce an uplifting, happy, healthy and harmonious LIFE. 

She is the owner of Teachable Life Moments, KMB Diversity and Inclusion Consulting. She is the Lead Influencer at GoalFriends of Central Arkansas and host of the Teachable Life Moments, With Keeler Bryson podcast.

Keeler has an earned bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management from Philander Smith College and an earned master’s degree in Business Administration from Webster University. She is also a Certified Diversity Professional (CDP) through the Institute for Diversity Certification.

Keeler is happily married to Grover Bryson.  They have two beautiful daughters, Whitney and Miracle. 

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